Export jpg and pdf files with measurements


One of my clients wanted me to get some area measurements on some acreage I flew for him earlier this year. I measured everything out using different colored lines…hoping that I could export either the jpg or the pdf format and it would show the measurement lines on there. NOPE! All I got was the photo of the area that was mapped, no measurements.

I can think of numerous instances where it would be quite handy to be able to show the measurements on the areas we need. Especially when there are numerous stockpiles, for example. Currently, I have to export/download the ortho map and then put it into Photoshop, and then put text fields over each pile showing how many cubic yards are in each pile. Hope y’all can put this on the review desk at least.


Hi @TXWhirlyBird,

Have you tried the PDF Annotations Report in our App Market? This might be what you’re looking for.



Christina… thank you for pointing that out to me. Guess I hadn’t looked at that good enough.

However… is there a way to change the results of the measurement to acres instead of square feet? Or better yet, show both of those measurements at the same time?

This pdf report does do great on measuring stockpiles.

Thanks, Marc


Hi @TXWhirlyBird,

Unfortunately, not at this time. Measurements will either be in square feet or hectares and you won’t be able to show both at once.



I’m not a programmer, so maybe that’s why I’m not understanding this. Inside the app, when I measure an area, it tells me how many acres are in that area. Doesn’t even mention square feet. Even when I’m measuring something like a part of a roof on a school building…it gives me acres. But in the pdf report, it will only show me square feet, instead of acreage?? I can’t be the only person who thinks that is strange. And I can’t imagine it would be that big of a deal to change the code, or whatever, to show both square feet and acres, in both applications.

Thank you for your help.


Hi @TXWhirlyBird,

I’ve escalated this to our team for clarification and investigation. I’ll report back as soon as I have info. Thank you for being patient and cooperative!



Yes the annotation report is great. Just one thing I have come up against when doing small gravel piles in a large quarry is the numbering can blot out the pile or in some cases the numbers hide the next as to get the entire quarry in the one frame on the cover sheet it squashes things up. Suggest to perhaps make the markers transparent or even better would be to allow more than one image to be printed so you could half the quarry etc… if required to be better able to show the various piles clearly numbered at a readable size. I have had to do a work around by importing the images into Word and labeling there instead of using the first page of the annotation report. Cheers,


Hi @TXWhirlyBird,

Apologies for the delayed response. I’ve followed up with our team and it looks like this is currently a known issue. It’s on our radar and we intend to fix it but we don’t have a date to share at the moment for this fix. :confused: I’m sorry I can’t offer a better solution or answer at the moment.



Thank you for looking into this, Christina.


One of the feature suggestions is multiple viewports that can be set independently so maybe it’s on the way…


That would be great. Fingers crossed.