Export flight plan to shapefile?

DroneDeployers: is there any way to export the flight box from Drone Deploy to a shapefile for sharing? Since I made the flight plan in the software, rather than an external GIS, I can’t seem to get the box exported. Thoughts?


Hi Jonathan, this feature is not available yet. If more people request it, it will be considered. Thank you and sorry I can’t help more.

Hi Kara

I thin this option will be great to have. Sometimes for presentation purposes, you can export your flight plan and manipulate it to have a nice diagram.

Dronedeploy should consider adding the option to export flight plans soon.


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Voting for this, too.

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What we do is create the flight plan polygon in another application, and then import that KML or SHP into DD. It’s bass ackwards but works very nicely

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This would be a very useful feature for me when I apply for airspace authorization and want to show the FAA what my flight plan is. It would be great for the clients as well.

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I would like this feature as well.

Is this feature not available on the business package?

Hi @StevenGourlay,

We currently offer Shapefile and Contour Exports for our Business and Enterprise customers. More info on what features are available for each tier can be found on our Pricing page.

I also suggest taking a look at Shapefile Exports from our support documentation to learn a bit more about this feature, how to use it, and what is available.