Export errors in raw elevation data causing artefacts at edge in 3D viewers


Just checking if anyone else is seeing these persistent errors after downloading a raw elevation file export (see attached images) On viewing the downloaded file it is clear that a white border, often offset within the data and with a sawtooth edge, has been added which seems to cut part of the genuine data off. When viewed in a variety of 3D viewers, where I can add layers or hillshade the data from multiple directions to bring out subtle extra information, the edge errors add a really awkward side wall which makes tha data very difficult to view. This happens in Quick Terrain Reader, QGIS (QGIS2threejs viewer), Fugro Viewer and others. I have informed support about this error on numerous occasions and I am getting nowhere with this. It makes really useful data impossible to use. Support have only advised cropping the map in the dashboard map view, but this just moves the edge error further into the good data on export

Is anyone else seeing this ? What causes it and can it be corrected ?

Just reporting back that Support got in touch with me again last night and have escalated this issue to the engineers. There should be a fix or further response in about 3 weeks.


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