Export Elevation as a Different Datum

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to export an elevation surface in Drone Deploy in a different Datum. I am using RTK captured images and can only export in the ellipsoid that it was captured in. I realize that I can use the calibrate function in Map details but am concerned that over large areas this could result in errors given the differences between a geoid and ellipsoid surfaces. I know that the other software such as Agisoft and Pix4d allows this. The reason why i want to do this is that all of the other data I work with is such as Lidar is in a geoid datum. Prior to getting a rtk phantom I used to use GCPS spread out over the whole site so would get good results this way.

Don’t use GCP’s or Checkpoints in the system. Use only orthometric checkpoint values for reference to average out the error and use the single-point calibration tool to raise the data. This is something we have tested thoroughly and the only way to maintain RTK cm-level relativity is to not let anything fight the high accuracy geotags. Are you getting a GPS Trust value of 0.20ft or less?