Export and import drone deploy to ArcGIS 9x

Completed some missions. Processed the images. Then now im trying to export and then import into ArcGIS desktop and not working. Any help or advice?

Hi @Eshorvath,

Have you taken a look at our Importing Data Into Other Software support page? If you’re only experiencing the issue with ArcGIS, please reach out to their support team for assistance.


What kind of data are you wanting in ArcGIS? The ortho and DXF?

Orthos… Would like to have my uploaded images from Dronedeploy brought into ArcGIS 9.3. But I did find a work around for it. Unless you have an easier way?

Ok. Im not sure quite what you are having trouble with? Can’t you just drag and drop them?

No, but I found out it is because Dronedeploy is compatible with ArcGIS 10 and newer. I have 9.3

ArcMap and WGS84? I just tried it and it dropped right in. Are you getting an error message?
@zach1, you have any ideas?

Which ArcMap are you using?