Explanation of dashboard on map engine and output types

Wondering if there is a link to documentation on how to use share and export features on map engine. I’ve explored with share on a windows pic and it produced 140 files I various formats. Ultimately, I’d like to get a map that can be used as background in a crop scouting mobile app. Also, is there a definition somewhere for different algorithms listed on dashboard and views? I’ve Ndvi vs ndvi jit, vs, super pixel etc?


Thanks for asking the question:

Our documentation are a great place to start. We have a good article on Sharing and Exports. Watch this space though - we’ll be updating how we allow you to export imagery soon. For your purposes, the ‘Preview’ option would be best.

As for the different algorithms - the Exports link will give you more info, but we do have another article in the writing which will clarify this, thanks for asking!

Regarding the ‘JIT’ layers, these are experimental, and will form part of our Ag Toolbox- I’ll send you some documentation on this privately later.