Expanding supported drones

In light of the US Government ban of drones having been manufactured in China, or having parts manufactured in China… Is there any talk of expanding the supported drones for use of your flight planning solution for other companies such as Parrot?

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A very small percentage of us do any of the type of work that this is going to affect. Their is also governmental policies for different facilities that you must pass background tests and attend orientation in order to be on the site. Basically people like to blow stuff out of proportion or not think about the actual scope so don’t get sucked in.

I get that, however Power Utility companies are governed by FERC and due to the recent Executive Orders restricting use of equipment and parts manufactured in China that are connected to the Bulk Electric System, there have been companies that have outright banned all drones associated with China. DJI, Yuneec, Autel… etc… I like the UI of DroneDeploy for the planning solution and was hoping to not have to jump back and forth depending on aircraft being used.

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Exactly, but that is still a very small portion of the client base and use-cases of drone pilots in general. Regardless it needs to happen and in my opinion should start with Autel.

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thought about giving the Skydio 2 a try on DroneDeploy?

Not me. In my opinion it’s not a terrain mapping drone. Maybe facades and interiors, but not acreage.

  • Smaller than an M2P… Too small
  • Barely average flight time (18-20 minutes of practical flight)
  • The battery has to be charged through the drone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • Poor range
  • Controller is a toy (hence the poor range?)

Autel Evo II

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Yes. I have been waiting on preorder since November 2019. Can’t fly what you can’t buy. :grin:

I fly my Phantom 4 Pro for my drone business, but my main job is for a Utility that has banned all China manufactured drones. If I placed an order for a Skydio 2 today I have no idea how long it would take to get here just going on my experience for my personal order.

Thanks for the reply and I enjoy using your software.


It may be good to know that even though the Skydio 2 is ASSEMBLED in the United States, its parts are manufactured in China which bans it from Federal purchasing as well according to the bills that are in the House and the Senate, but like I said before that affects a VERY small percentage of drone use.

YES on the EVO 2, I just got the pro model and the and have done a couple maps and I love it!!


This was done on a very windy day, prolly 20 mph winds

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