Excluded images


Hello All,

I’ve just completed my first flight with my Mavic 2 Pro. I’m on the free trial package at the moment, which indicates that I have 500 pictures/map.

The flights took a combined total of 465 images, but when I went to upload, I got a message saying I had 36 excluded images. Just wondering what would be the cause




Hi @Droneflyerdave!
Congratulations and welcome to DroneDeploy! There are two main reasons that this would happen:

  1. The images are corrupted.
  2. The images are missing the georeferenced info. This can happen if you save the images in photo software. We always suggest just saving the images on a folder on your desktop or on an external hard drive.

I would suggest trying to upload again making sure to use Google Chrome or FireFox as your browser. Save the images from the SD card straight to a folder on you desktop. Make sure to select all the images and see if you get the same message. If you do, more than likely those images are corrupt. Hope this helps!



Hello Erika,

Thanks for your response. After trying a few other things, I think it may have been as simple as the overall geometry being too tight.

I did verify all the images before posting, and I’ve been able to upload them in two separate maps with no issues.