Error "Over maximum flight radius"

Greetings Enthusiasts,

I am getting an error called “over flight maximum radius” on an apple smart phone. It gets past all the preflight tests, I have a photo ion the SD card, firmware from April 4th. I have tried it on an android tablet and it locks up on the starting mission screen and never takes off. I think it is getting a little farther with iOS, the gimbal points to the ground, and I get a image, but it never takes off because of the error. I feel like I have a place to start with the iOS, but android just locks up, no error.


Very excited about this!

This is because the maximum flight radius limit has been set in DJI Go. There is a setting you can disable in DJI go and it will work

Thanks for the quick response. It was the setting in DJIGO app for maximum range. Just flew my first mission 176 photos at 243’. Thanks again. Now for the processing.

I bet it will fly no problem on the Android tablet now as well. I will try it in the morning if it is not too windy. Flew first mission with IPhone. It gave me the first error response, so we had something to work with to get the kinks out and fly. Android tablet locked up at “starting mission” screen with no error response.