Error on dronedeployAPI.Plans.create()

Getting and error when calling the dronedeployAPI.Plans.create() and the error is:

dronedeploy-embedded-api.js:196 TypeError: t.get is not a function
**Date Issue Began: 05/02/2018

Drone Model:

Mobile Device Model and OS version: IOS and Chrome on PC and Mac

DroneDeploy App Version: 2.65.0

Hello @tazoniero

The DroneDeploy API is currently only reserved for our Enterprise users. I went ahead and checked your email on file and can see you are not currently an Enterprise user.

If this is a mistake please let us know and we will correct the issue.


Weird! It was working 3 days ago and I spoke to Ian about it:

Alexandre Tazoniero
Jan 10

to Ian

That helps me a lot.

One last question (for now): For us to develop the apps that use your API and then upload the apps for test and production , we need the enterprise account, correct?

Thanks again,


Ian Smith
Jan 10

to me
Nope, it’s completely free if you’re using the App Market APIs at


Hi @tazoniero,

Thank you for reporting this. Only our REST API is currently reserved for enterprise users. Please keep using our App Market API. What you found is indeed a regression. I’ve just resolved this issue and we are putting a test in place to prevent similar issues in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please continue to reach out. Due to our deploy process it will likely be a two weeks before this fix gets out.



I could test on Chrome and confirm this bug was fixed for Chrome, but when I test on the mobile App (ios) the problem still happens. When will you have a new app version available with the bug fix?

Thanks and regards,


Hi @tazoniero,

The fix has not yet been released for iOS. I do not have a timeline to share at the moment for when it will be.