Error in the flight and loss of the drone

Good afternoon, today I made a mission and when it is in the middle, my device (ipad) went out and I did not see the process. The mission continued but stopped at some point and drone landed and disconnected.
Is there any way to know where the drone stopped (is that I can not find it because it gives me a signal to turn off). The application only gives me the option to continue, but the drone to be off does not let me continue?

@pepe_maiz We are sorry to hear about this crash/missing drone! We take these situations incredibly seriously, as our success depends on yours. A crashed/missing drone is never a pleasant experience and we want you to ensure you that we will provide our best support in order to assist you. I will be reaching out in a personal message.

Sorry to hear about your drone. One way to find it is to go to the point where the drone disconnected and follow the flight path from there. Hopefully the drone landed along its path and did not fly off. Hope you fill find it unharmed.
As w future reference. It’s not very safe to continue a mission if your tablet or so malfunctions. Having said this, I use a GPS tracker on my drone that continues to send its location to a server until its battery dies. It’s a fail safe in case I ever loose connection.

You may be able to get the flight logs off the mobile device as described here. That may give you the location. But that may be tough if your iPad shut down.


My guess is it was heat related. ipads easily overheat and go black/blank. Your craft flight logs are there which should include your GPS data. I use Airdata to download logs, You can use an automated process or look at their website and how to obtain detailed logs. You may see the last images it captured and the last location. They have a free basic account and even there upper end accounts are cheap. I use multiple autonomous flight apps. I some feed automatically Dronedeploy is one that does (plug in). I find the best part of their software is the ability when you have problems to see detailed logs of the problems so if you make repeated maps of same location and experience some errors or glitches it is really helpful in troubleshooting. Depending on how often you fly in the heat X-naut offers very good cooling systems for ipads. I conduct a lot of aerial mapping and modeling missions in high heat. If you are going to use dronedeploy and DD is not yet working on the CrystalSky, get the x-naut. The CrystalSky is far more heat tolerant. I am sorry, hopefully using the logs as suggested by others and manually put them into Airdata you may just be able to recover/locate craft. I do use a trackimo device when in cell coverage areas. When in the back country via side by side to aerial map, then I know how tough terrain can be. If your not in heavy heavy brush trees, see if you can get another drone to fly the same grid path completing the survey. You might find your craft in the images as well. Good luck. iPads while graphics and power are great, they are not industrial. Common apple, make an industrial version to tolerate heat better and moisture. There is a growing drone community needing a solution for industrial application. DOUG

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I got lucky. Once it gets to 90deg+ in Texas, I am lucky to get a 10 minute flight it. The iPad crashed on me twice, but the drone continued the mission and came home. Bought a sunshade and no more issues. I just make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight while in the car, or even better on the floorboard so it gets AC. The P4P is another thing all together. I got a heat warning from it and learned I probably shouldn’t fly in 100deg… Thank God that heat is gone for a couple of months!

Your GPS tracker - can you provide additional information for others that may want to use such a device on the drones.