Epson Moverio BT200 Support?

I loaded the DD app onto my Epson Moverios but have not been able to get the BT200s to communicate with my I1. I plugged the micro USB cable into the BT200 controller and fixed the other end into the I1 usb port on the RC. I then opened the DD app but I kept getting the message something like “Waiting for Drone to Connect.” I made sure the drone was on and then used my Android tablet that has the DD app I test with and the I1 connected to it. Do I need to configure the BT200 a certain way in order for its controller to be able to talk to the RC controller?

We’ve never tried to connect anything between the app and the RC. It might be possible but I have no idea how to get it to work.

DD would need to get the app running on the BT200 itself. Maybe an Android version mismatch and/or specific device incompatibility.

Have you tried to connect to the dji pilot app first. The usb drive needs to debug first and the pilot app does that and turn on usb debugging.

Make sure you force close the pilot app after its debugged

The BT200 OS level is incompatible with the DJI Pilot app so I won’t be able to get that to work. Also I haven’t come across a way (checked several BT200 forums) to enable usb debugging. The only USB options available on the BT200 Settings ->Storage menu are a choice of either selecting MTP of PTP modes and that is it. If I was to make a guess on what the issue is I’d say Lee_Bushman is close, the BT200 usb port is not configured to talk to DD. Unfortunately as Lee suggested I can’t get the port configured by first opening the DJI App…I was hoping that DD might have some suggestions???

Unfortunately not - we haven’t experimented with the BT200 at all.