Environmental Studies - Animal Habitat data

I am new to DroneDeploy, but so far so good. Can anyone help me with finding resources or instructional resources on here for using the DroneDeploy software for collecting data on environmental studies, including animal habitat data?


Hi @krowley78,

We don’t have any official documentation on this but I’m hoping @Alicia_Amerson can help you out here. This is kind of her specialty! :slight_smile:


ok thanks Christina, await to hear back from @Alicia_Amerson

I’m not familiar with what I gather is your use case, but the intro questions seemed pretty vague. What are the specific types of data that you are trying to convey or report?

How can any of the drone deploy software help me in collecting environmental data / surveys / data in order to provide commercial information to environmental consultancies wanting information on the population, migration or habits of animal species, shoreline errosns and same dune formations.

Ok, so you’re not quite sure what might be helpful. Obviously the orthomosaic 2D map is going to be huge for anyone who knows what they’re looking for in their field of expertise. They could probably see things like animal trails, specific types of nesting areas and etc. In your instance I don’t think grades are that important unless they want quantification of erosion or those sorts of things. Being able to visually see maps (side-by-side app) they can tell where the erosion is occurring very easily. The elevation map give you a good idea of the drainage areas and slope directions. DroneDeploy can now use thermal imagery as well, but that is going to be aircraft and camera (sensor) dependent. All of these much a georeferenced and relatively accurate depending on your control process and can be exported for their internal use.