Entire Grid reduced to a few lines when starting mission

When I begin a mission all the lines disappear to
just a few. Happens very often and can be crippling. I am using a m100 with zenmuse xt and iPhone X

Can you explain the flight path indicated by the lines? From what I see the two paths typical of a mapping flight shouldn’t be a problem unless the are VERY long and take up too many waypoints. We often see on larger jobs that only a portion of the flight plan is shown but what I see from yours it doesn’t make sense.

Thanks for your response. I could only post one image at a time. This is what the mission is suppose to look like.

Yeah that’s definitely not typical and is a problem. Are you using Terrain Awareness?

I tried with and without terrain awareness. My job is mapping wildland fires at night and this has been quite crippling when we are on strict deadlines.


The only reason I brought up TA is because the software is limited to the number of points it will cache and show and TA creates a point at every grade-break of the surface it is using which adds up quickly when there is allot of relief. Can you try another mobile device? Even if you have to borrow one it’s not a big deal to load DD and take it back off. DroneDeploy support recommends an XS/XR or newer which have an A12 chip vs the A11 on the X.

It’s not obvious, but when you start a long/large area mission you will only see the next 100 waypoints of the flight (in blue at the checklist stage), because DJI only allows 100 to be uploaded at a time. This will be even more obvious in terrain aware mode as more waypoints must be added.

The drone will return home after the first 100, and pick up the next 100, until the entire area is mapped.