Enterprise Lite

We have been Business Plan users for a couple of years now and have wanted to get into the enterprise plan several times. Each time we reach out the enterprise options change a little bit (understandably so) with various add-ons and new benefits. The problem is the price escalation is beyond our means for the full suite of features.

We are a mid-size GC and though the newly added features are great, the reality is we have little/no use for them. We need a solution that allows us to map and model with GCPs, earthworks, and be able to add project stake holders to the DD interface to view maps & models and provide input.

It would be fantastic if DD would offer a Lite version of the enterprise structure with just the core tools: process maps/models with GCPs, Earthworks, and allow us to add users to a project.


This is a great idea. They finally came out with a teams option which is closer to but still not pay-as-you-go the way people need because it is still scaled to big. It’s funny because back when we started what are describing is pretty much what it was and of course functionality and price as a result were lower. Once you get to a certain level of enterprise a bunch of modules and user type come into play which continues to come in to the pricing. Even though it seems like allot for us to be paying comparing against the market shows the price is not really out there because of the amount of functionality. Have you spoken with them directly about GCP’s? This was the first thing we had them tweak on our plan. We need the ability to use GCP’s every time so we came up with a structure that allowed a certain frequency every month per project. Luckily our business is consistent so we know that count pretty closely but you’ll need to work out whatever fits your scenario.

At least 25 times, probably more.

Yes they did, we found out about it in July. Reached out to use it on one of our projects last week after getting a project on board only to find that they canned the Aerial plan (per project) and now it’s $2500 more.

We ran the numbers on this too and this is exactly why a Lite version would be so helpful. The price is only “not out there” if you utilize ALL of the functionality. If you use only the functionality we are interested, the price is on mars and I don’t mean that as a knock on the software or platform, its just dollars and cents.


PM’ing you. I am really surprised that weren’t willing to squeeze a little more money out of you.