"EMMC FULL" msg. DD mission continues with no pix

I was very new to this when I flew my first missions and was surprised to see the emmc full message on my screen. However, the drone continue to fly its mission and since it was almost done I let it go thinking that maybe the pictures were being stored on the drone. I assume EMMC indicated an External Memory Card… I guess I was wrong.

the DJI app showed that it recognized the card and showed that it was formatted. It showed the right amount of memory available and after I tap the format button again, that number did not change.

I am sure there is a setting I have to look at to make sure that the drone is recording to the SD card but I’m surprised that the drone deploy app allowed it to continue flying its mission even though it could not record more images.

I am also unsure how to get drone deploy to allow the drone to start the mission where I needed it to. Perhaps I was supposed to refly the mission and have the starting point change so that it would only capture that part of the field I needed and then have it return to home.

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