Emergency Procedures

Flying a lot of missions recently where there are cranes on site.
I always measure the crane height visually / with the drone by flying up to it and checking the height on the flight app. This determines the minimum safe altitude (MSA) and the mapping height would be set to 20FT above this.

But cranes can move, so should there be a sudden requirement to stop due to a possible collision - what is the quickest, simplest way to immediately STOP the drone in the air? The pause button? The Manual Control button takes two taps and cancels the mission. Is there a button on the Phantom 4 controller that would immediately pause the UAV? In Litchi moving the mode switch from P to S will stop the drone…

What other safety tips and tricks do you have?

Pausing or forcing an RTH and then cancelling it works for us. What do you do if the allowance for the crane causes MSA to encroach upon the grid value for restricted flight? With an aircraft that close you are most likely in a 200-300ft cell. Maybe even a 100ft. I had a similar situation in Austin so I had to submit for authorization through DroneZone to get the exception. It was a 200ft cell and we fly at 260ft to clear two 230ft cranes.