Embed Options and KML Overlay Help!

OK, I really did search the site and forum and cannot find what I am looking for so here goes…

Embed - I only want the 2D Map interface option and to disable everything else. Actually, I want the entire side bar gone. Anyway to do this?

KML - With my newly created 2D map I want to overlay a KML file for use on my website. KML + DD MAP = :slight_smile:

Why? - My product is an aerial map as-built of construction sites that may be months away from being updated on GE. I use the KML file to illustrate where items are located during construction and afterwards as an as-built document.

Or should I be trying to figure out some other way of doing this using Google Services…

Hi @WaterWiz,

You can embed a 2D model using our embed feature. You can find more info on this here. We don’t currently have a way to upload a KML to your dashboard to display on top of you map but we do have upload options that allow you to upload a PDF or PNG file to display on your dashboard.

You could export your current maps and display them in GE using the GeoTIFF export option. Make sure that you use the EPSG 3857 when exporting those layers, this will ensure there is a KML included in the zipped file included in your confirmation email.