Elevation Toolbox histogram and elevation measurments

Hi - three questions:

  1. What are the units of measurement in the Elevation Toolbox histogram? The numbers don’t change when I change settings from metric to imperial in settings.

  2. Are the histogram numbers a measurement of the difference in elevation from the highest point on the map?

  3. Is it possible to calculate the elevation difference between two points on the map?

Thanks! -Mat


I’d also like units displayed in the elevation toolbox. Hard to make sense of the histogram without them.

EDIT: Forgot to add, this info would be incredibly helpful to have exported as a key/legend in the TIFF files as well.

I don’t know if i can trust any of these measurement tools. How is one to know if any of these calculations are correct? I have the same problem when switching between Metric and Imperial.

DD, I would appreciate a response to this one too.

We have a new UI coming out very soon. This is on of the items on the top of the list after it gets out.

on what basis is the scale of height being established? Is it possible to change it?

I have the same problem… histogram is not normal because the scale is not correct…

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We are planning to add a way for you to adjust the base elevation used for these maps. Stay tuned!

ok, thanks!!! that will be great!!!