Elevation profile in a Report

Hi, I have several cross-sections in a map for generating a customer report. The report includes all alpha-numeric data of the cross-sections, but doesn’t have the " Elevation profile" which is in the DD processing window. How can the elevation profile be added to the report ?


A Plan and Profile Report would be a great addition to DroneDeploy. Especially if part of the report could be given a custom station value. I know you can export annotations, but I do not know if a distance annotation would retain any 3D information. I’ll have to give it a try and let you know.

I suppose this could be a more powerful function once the new linear flight planning is released… :wink:

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Tיסץ @MichaelL , will wait for your testing ,

I tried exporting the distance annotation of a pond with both just the endpoints and another with vertices at each grade break and neither retained a Z-value.

Thx. @MichaelL , I also reported to DD Suppoert, and waiting for their reply,


Also very interested in having the ability to export a more detailed Elevation Profile chart from the Annotation Toolbox. It’d be great to be able to make sections across the model and save them out to a larger chart/graphic or tabular format.

Support directed me here to the forum, and said it wasn’t a feature yet. They just said to take a screenshot of the tiny chart that is created currently.

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Along with what you’re saying I think it would be very interesting to have it appear as a plan and profile like you would see in construction documents. The key would be the ability to assign a station number for the beginning point and the program can calculate the distance and stations from there.