Elevation Data using Mavic Pro


Michael: I am making progress adapting the curved drone flight lines to long, narrow corridors. The attached image illustrates use of the curved fight lines by a fixed-wing drone flying at 31mph at a height of 400’ AGL. The ground is almost flat (New Mexico); and the doming effect is not detectable. The corridor is approximately a mile long and 2200’ wide. The seemingly “straight” segments are really circular arcs tangent to the log-spiral curves on each end of the area being flown. There are NO parallel segments within the entire area flown since each circular arc segment has a different radius.


Nice! I played with Litchi quite a bit and I can get 90% of the way there, but with the way they build their curves you can’t get the PCs and PTs directly together so there is always a short tangent.


Thanks for the response.

There’s more to come.