Elevation Data Exporting Problems

I am having some problems when I try to export the Elevation Model to ArcGis or QGis. I am exporting the elevation model for the whole range, with the next specification:

  1. Layer: Elevation
  2. File Type: Geo Tiff
  3. Map Projection: Desktop (WGS84)
  4. single Image
  5. Resolution: Max Available (10.74 cm/px)

In the drone deploy platform, the Elevation model looks perfect, and even when I do elevation profiles, It works perfect as you can see in the next image.


But when I open the exported data in ARCGIS or QGIS, I can only see the elevation of the threes, the other information doesnt appears I seems that during the exporitng process the information get lost as you can see in the previous image

Could you please help me with this problems. Thanks!

Have you checked our support document “Displaying GeoTiff in QGIS?” This may help.