Elevation Data Export to Excel

I would like to extract elevation data of a simple piece of farmland - 40 acres, rectangular shape, relatively flat. I have already surveyed the land with my drone and imported the data into DroneDeploy - no problems there. The project visibly looks good in DroneDeploy and the contours are clearly visible but I would like to extract the underlying data. I am not currently proficient with any GIS software, so if possible, I would prefer to keep it simple by exporting x,y,z values to a CSV file to be viewed and manipulated in Excel. I do not need particularly high resolution so I believe the process would require a meaningful amount of data reduction, which is fine. Is there a simple way to reduce and extract the elevation data in this way?


Welcome Ryan! You’re wanting the point cloud? You can decimate them during export. In our scenario we want the max point cloud which usually suffices but DD’s max is always 1/2 to 3/4 of the points we get out of software so either there settings are less accurate or they are still decimating the export. The only real trouble this causes us is accuracy of structural objects but it perfect for terrain.