Elevation Accuracy

Somewhat newer to some of the features in DD but question is, my customer wants to know how accurate the elevation mapping is. Example I did a flight of a construction project that is an empty farm field right now with active crops. So they want to know if there are crops on the field how accurate is the ground elevation and with crop grown does that impact the ground elevation? Any help would be great!

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Thanks for reaching out to DroneDeploy and posting to our forum! Happy to help with this.

I think a great resource here that will help you understand the accuracy of your map is this article: How Accurate is my Map?

The short answer here is: it depends on how you’re capturing the data. Well captured, standard drone maps can be relatively accurate in a range of 3cm to 50cm (1 - 3 x the GSD). Both relative and absolute accuracy can be within 3-5cm with the use of high accuracy tools such as GCPs or RTK.

As far as crop growth, yes - these may be accounted for in the elevation map. GCPs can help alleviate this a bit.

Hope this points you in the right direction! If you have a paid subscription, you can always email us at support@dronedeploy.com for further assistance :slight_smile:

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