Elevation accuracy vs. Google Earth Pro and John Deere Apex

Good day all,

Did a 91 hectare map yesterday to see how well elevation data is captured and processed using my Phantom 4 and Drone Deploy. I compared the results using a straight line that runs for 2.1km through the length of the field. This line runs from the highest to the lowest point in the field. In both Google Earth Pro and John Deere Apex (data captured with SF3000 GPS receiver while running across the field on 10m track spacing, SF2 signal without RTK correction, only gps.) the elevation variation is 80m and 81m respectively. The elevation map from the DD flight shows a elevation difference of just more than 100 meters for the exact same line.

The elevation map is highly detailed as it also contains all kinds of surface detail with the elevation overlay but the error is quite large.

What exactly is used to calculate the elevation points for a drone deploy map? Is it solely based on GPS height of the drone and map elevation data?

Thanks again.


Hi Danie,

Have you taken a look at this yet? http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/elevation-toolbox Let me know if that helps.