Editing 3D models

How can I edit my 3D models? This model for example

needs a chunk of property (poorly rendered and / or half - houses) to be removed. Annotations (entrance labels to each building) are also requested.

Despite the fact that I have a SketchFab account, the models when exported from DroneDeploy are apparently “owned” of DroneDeploy so I cannot add annotations there either (requires ownership).

Is there a way of exporting the models to another editing program?

Thanks in advance,
Max Marcus

I have a SketchFab Pro account and upload the OBJ zip file from DD to there. I am able to annotate there.

Thanks for the response Edward. I was hoping for a simpler (read cheaper) alternative. Your method would require “Pro” accounts with both SketchFab ($120/yr) and DroneDeploy ($1000/yr). I would no doubt spring for the extra costs if I had more customers. But for small time users the cost is prohibitive.

Thanks again,

I understand completly, I had to make a choice to add the expense with a hope of getting future work. Fortunatly, we have enough other work to obsorbe the expense…

Let me know if I can help!