Easier Delete of Measurement Annotations

Currently to delete a measurement annotation, I need to select the annotation and then click on the garbage can icon.

Can you please add the option of clicking on the Delete key to perform the deletion? I would find this more convenient, faster and consistent with other applications.

Also an area select of all annotations followed by the Delete key would be really useful for my work.

I do understand that I can just turn off all annotations with the provided slider bar. And I use this. But I still would like the above.


After thinking about my area-select request, I realized that this would be hard to implement because the left-mouse button is currently used to grab the map and move it around. And I like this.

And hot keys appear to act only on the contents of the retractable form. But currently the Delete key and the Ctrl + Delete key appear to do nothing inside the retractable form.

So how about:

  1. Delete key to delete currently select measurement annotation
  2. Ctrl + Delete key to delete all measurement annotations. This follows along the lines of Microsoft using the Ctrl + A key to select all entries. So Ctrl + Delete is not too hard to remember.


Thanks for sharing your feature request, @SolarBarn. This currently isn’t a feature in the works but it has been noted.