Easier and better way to create mapping mission for lake shores/ area with cut off center

As I intend to map lake shores for municipial clients and started to look best way to do those multibattery quad missions, I noticed that it is not trivial task in dashboard creation process. The one big mission tend to have pretty poor flight patterns (I understand it is quite challenging math to do) and the polygon making of the shore line is “pain”.

Flight paths:
When I do two separate missions with north side + south side the missions make pretty good long line flight paths and the air time needed is OK. But if I create one big flight of whole lake (the width is around 1,3km ) with shores only included, I do get flight paths mapping whole lake across and not only the polygon around lake shores. I’m assuming the calculations gets confused on “donut” shape polygon…

Donut shape making:
It’s a real pain to move those polygons around to make donut around lake shores. The overlapping warnings and jumping polygon points is not good for this scenario.

Include to the create mapping area toolbox “exclude” polygon maker. That way one could make fast lake bed exclusion of roughly already marked lake polygon. The donut shape polygon needs also a bit more intelligent calculations on flight path, but I suppose it can be achieved with at flight paths of two half donuts made by your algorithm now.

/Niko Paulanne

I guess a corridor mapping function would be better then polygon.

Yes, the detection of the shape of the mapped area would need adaptive algorithm.