Earthquake Help - Ecuador

Hello, as you all know, there was a big earthquake in Ecuador last Saturday. The dead toll is around 434 and there are more than 2000 missing.
We are looking in new ways to help the rescue crew to find survivors.
I think drone deploy could be a key tool for us to help.
Dear drone Deploy, how could you help us?
I currently have a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.
Any help is welcome
Santiago Pástor

What are you looking to do? Do you need to map areas that have been damaged? Or are you doing more search and rescue?

Map areas that have been damaged. There are entire towns that are damaged. With the mapping we will give it to the rescue force so they can logistically organize their help. For now it would be helpful if people can indicate which flight height and camera configuration they think is the best for this type of mapping. We are alsoin talks with google so we can include the mapping in their emergency maps.


Hi Santiago, thanks for reaching out. The DroneDeploy community includes many users in Ecuador we definitely want to help. To better coordinate our efforts we’re working through UAViators (humanitarian UAV network). Below is the message that I posted in their Ecuador Earthquake April 2016 Operations Page.

I work w/DroneDeploy (automated drone flight and aerial mapping) and we have users-based in Ecuador. DroneDeploy is able to offer our Ecuador-based customers, if they are interested, a month of unlimited aerial mapping to assist local authorities and ngo’s with disaster recovery. If interested in pursuing please contact me directly: darr (at)

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Dear Darr,

Thank you. We are coordinating effords with multiple institutions and people interested in helping out. We are organizing logistis and collecting information of the pilots interested in the mapping.
We also are working with multiple universities and government institutions.
Google is working with us so we can add a layer of information to the emergency map that is being created.
I am curently in the emergency zone. I have limited connectivity.



Hello Santiago Pastor, I am a drone pilot and am wondering if you have the need for more pilots to assist in relief efforts.
Chip Chipman

Santiago Pastor, puedes escribirme soy parte de la comunidad UAViators y estuvimos coordinando ayuda de pilotos voluntarios para Ecuador !!!

The epicenter is the actual on the surface directly over a hypo-center why do earthquakes happen. When scientists determine where an earthquake started they normally refer to the epicenter.