Dual mapping

Hi everyone. Would just like to find out what is the best way, or who can process dual camera data? eg. Matrice 210 with thermal and RGB camera doing a mapping mission. Is there a way to process both cameras data so that the can be overlaid one on top of the other?

Many thanks

Are you talking about a dual layer map that all the images are processed at the same time and one or the other layers can be turned off/on? From what I have seen I would say no. You best bet in DroneDeploy right now is to process the images separately and use the Side-by-Side app slider to pan back and forth.

Ok, thanks. Does DD do stitching with thermal mapping and are you able to do it with radiometric data?

Hi @waynecoomer,

We do not officially support thermal mapping at the moment, but we have had some folks who are well-versed in this topic. I know @Skytographerz is an avid thermal mapper. :wink:


Thank you Christina

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