DSLR and Drone photos together

I have a Nikon D3200 24 mega pix, and a drone with 20 mega pix, both shooting J-PEG . uploaded all in same upload, DD seems to seperate the two, into two different models at two different elevations. I have a Micnova GPS-N Plus attached to the DSLR camera for Geotagging. Is there a better way?
Im getting two different models at two different elevations

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the coords data in the DSLR camera are about 60’ higher than the drones data. thats why there are two different models at two different elevations.
GCPs could correct this. but you would have to get the GCPs in the DSLRs photos and that would not be easy.
Anyone has success with this setup? Thanks

I have very limited experience with GCPs, but I don’t think they would help you. They can’t. They would only correct the marginal errors in the drone images, not pull in those images taken on the ground.

I had a discussion with DD a couple of years ago, asking if I could take pictures on the ground using my drone, whilst holding it. A sort of point and shoot, to help with building the elevations of the 3D model. I was told “no”, but I never got to the bottom as to why it wouldn’t work and although I haven’t tried it, I am of the firm belief that it would.

Depending on your model of drone, it might be worth considering,

Thanks, I did try holding the drone once wile taking photos
Did not work. I think because drone was in a point of alarm. and not tagging photos. But I could try again. with the EVO 2, mabey will have better results

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