Drop Down Menu

When will the sliding (drop down)menu be available? We are waiting for it for a long time. We will be very grateful.

Which sliding drop down menu are you referring to?

Hi @bahach,

We are working on a new dashboard design that will allow you to organize your maps in a much more structured way. Sadly I don’t have a firm ETA for this feature. What type of drop down were you speaking with Manu about? We do have a dropdown located at the top of your dashboard when viewing a map that will allow you to look at the same site on different dates. Please let us know if we can help with anything moving forward and keep your eyes open for any updates we send out via email.


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I wrote on the forum ‘Flight Planning over existing DD maps’ as an answer to the message ‘Manu’ of 7th March. I don’t really understand why Christina used my message out of its context. Because of that my question lost its meaning. I was taking about a dropdown/sliding menu while choosing a baselayer from the archive of my maps.

Я написал на форуме «Планирование полета по существующим картам DD» в качестве ответа на сообщение «Ману» от 7 марта. Я не совсем понимаю, почему Кристина использовала мое сообщение из контекста. Из-за этого мой вопрос потерял смысл. Я принимал раскрывающееся меню, выбирая baselayer из архива моих карт.

Hi @bahach,

I moved your post to a more appropriate board intended for Feature Requests.