DroneLogbook and DroneDeploy Flight Sync

I use DroneLogbook to capture DroneDeploy flights. Here’s the problem:

  1. I have installed the DLB app on my DD dashboard and it shows on my flights
  2. When I enter my u/p for DLB and click to export to DLB, error message says “can’t do”
  3. Contacted DLB with the problem; says the sync issue is on DD’s side
  4. DLB offered a blog post with a workaround, tried it and does not work
  5. Flight logs not showing on DD for my flights when clicking on the map name(s); no copy option

Is/has anyone else experienced the same issue(s)?

Hi @Butterfly360,

Apologies for the delayed response. Can you pull your flight logs directly from your device instead of the DroneDeploy app?

Keep me posted,

Hi @Butterfly360,

Thank you for your inquiry. I justed tested DroneLogBook with our test account and I was able to successfully import my flight log to DLB.
What is the name of the flight plan in DroneDeploy? I can then troubleshoot the issue.
Have you also tried logging into DLB directly?

Thank you,