Dronedzploy does not recognize model : p4pv2.0


Recently purchased a phantom 4 pro v2.0

I created a lot of flight plans on the desktop version using the p4pv2.0 preset

When i open one of those flight plans on android when the drone is connected it modifies the flight plan parameters like if another drone model was connected. I can fly but i have to remodify all flight plans parameters…

Could this be solved by doing the firmware upgrade?

What else could it be?

Please help. Its very urgent…

Thank you all for your help!


Are you setting it to the correct model in advanced settings when you are planning on the computer?


The problem is that because it doesn’t recognize the drone as a phantom 4 V2.0. I can’t make it fly at 6m/s and i have to use 5m/s maximum…

What makes you think it is not recognizing it properly? Are you seeing an error?

it changes the fly altitude I set up before
it changes the flight speed too

So all parameters are changed because it does not recognize the right drone model when I plug the RC to my android device.

Normally this behaviour is explained as final optimization when the drone is connected and the system re-calc’s but I have never seen it change the altitude. That’s a bug.

What device and versions of Android and DroneDeploy? Contact support asap.

DJI GO 4.3.37
Aircraft : 01.00.5000
Remote Controller 01.00.5000
Android 11

I’m using a non paid account so support won’t help I think

Should I update the firmware of the aircraft or it’s risky?

I really need this to work

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What mobile device? It’s good for now that you haven’t updated to Android 12 because there were several reports of issue after the update.

DJI GO 4 definitely needs an update. Then try it again. If that doesn’t fix it then to the next step. Since you don’t have support don’t get ahead of yourself and change more than one thing at a time. Troubleshooting is hard enough without trying to figure out which thing actually fixed the issue.

Are you sure about the AC and RC versions? While I never like to update firmware unless there is a major fix or improvement I think now is a good time to update because all of the flight software providers are fixing their bugs on the new versions and there has been significant enough change in the last 6 months to benefit from. The only current official RC version I know of is and the AC should be 01.05.0300.

Yes sure about the versions.

The drone is brand new.

it’s a samsung galaxy tab A7

just did updated to 01.00.5200. doesn’t change anything…

could be linked to the fact that when i connect the rc to my tablet it recognize it as inspire 1?

DroneDeploy says Inspire? Or Go 4?

Dji go 4 says its phantom 4 pro v2.0

Dronedeploy does not say anything when the drone is connected.

In desktop i preset 62m for 1.9 gsd with p2pv2.0 selected.

When i connect the drone to my android in dronedeploy. It switches my gsd to 1.4 at 62m and the speed switches from 6m/s to 5m/s.


It sounds like it might be switching from the P4Pv2 that you set back to the default Mavic 2 Pro although I guess that sort of a change could be an Inspire as well.

Indeed. Does not really matter anymore. The drone crashed yesterday and was destroyed.

I hope it’s not related to that issue…

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Oh no! Sorry you had to experience that. Most of us have been there and some of us more than once…