DroneDeploy's statements do not contain any company details

Hello everybody!
My tax consultant complains:
DroneDeploy’s statements (invoice and payment document found in “View Billing Portal”) do not contain any company details about DroneDeploy itself. And I must admit: she is right. The only hint on the originator of the document is “DroneDeploy, support@dronedeploy.com”.
She is asking me for a “real” invoice in an international standard form, like address, TAX-ID etc…
I can’t find this type of document (as it easily can be found on e.g. DropBox or Microsoft account and billing sites).
Any idea?

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Hi @vr-pilot

You can email support@dronedeploy.com to have more information added to your statements. You might also be able to add this information through the billing portal.