DroneDeploy Support Team

What is your general feedback on the DroneDeploy support team? More specifically, turnaround time from submitting a request to receiving a useful reply? Hours? Days? Weeks?

I know I would always like faster answers; but overall I am happy. I am also persistent and will follow up if I would like a faster answer.

From minutes, to less than 1 day.

Usually next day by email - i’m in the UK. They have been very helpful, but sometimes you reach the limit of someones knowledge and they have to contact the Tech dept. and at that stage I usually lose touch with them and have to contact them again and start the whole process over with mixed results.

Yes, usually very helpful, but also experienced the breakdown once tech needs to get involved

I am now past the 72 hour mark and counting… no reply!

I started as a beta tester on the android version, feedback and mutual support was very good back then…

Obviously grown somewhat since, but still… this is not acceptable!