DroneDeploy Problem Log 29 June 2016

Another day out in the field with the DJI PH3A and DroneDeploy iOS -


The most recent update should resolve some of the map issues you saw.

I would be in contact with DJI about the wandering off course on the way to the first waypoint. If you run a waypoint mission in DJI Go you will see it probably behaves the same occasionally.

Hi Chase,

That will be a very welcome update I can assure you, and will bring my blood pressure down a notch or six.

DJI say it is nothing to do with their drone, it is “… third party App …”

Hopefully some of the fixes help you out.

I would still encourage you to fly with the dji go waypoints a few times to see if you see the drifting. It would help us so we can determine where the issue lies.


Yes, I have done that, many times, no problem.

The only reason I mention it is because after you takeoff and it starts following the waypoints, the code running the mission is the exact same and is running on the actual drone and not being controlled by the application.