DroneDeploy Pro Pkg and Precision Ag Package

I have some confusion. I have been in a trial period with DD, and so far very pleased, having mapped a few farm properties and have 3 to do on July 1. When I purchase the full DD package I will go with the DD Pro package for $999.00/yr.

I also see that there is a Precision Ag package. It is also $999.00/yr. Is that different than the DD Pro and may be used in addition to DD Pro?

If the DD Pro package is different from the Precision Ag package, I was trying to understand what additional features the Precision Ag package will give me over and above the DD Pro package.

Thank you for any help.

Hi @TCRay,

I am happy to clarify for you. You do not need to purchase both the Pro or Precision Ag Package - the base of the Precision Ag Package is the annual Pro plan. The difference between the two is that the Precision Ag Package comes with ag-specific features. Depending on what you want to do, you’ll only need one subscription. I suggest taking a look at the Precision Ag Package PDF to see the full offerings.


Thank you for the great feedback! I will be purchasing the Precision Ag Package after July 1 (so it goes on the next month’s VISA bill!). I have been enjoying the trial period with DD, and have three farm fields to scout this Saturday.

Thanks again!

Tom Rayborn

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Another question for you Christina. By purchasing the Precision Ag Package, will I still be able to apply the DD Pro features to do construction progress reports and structural reports?

Hi @TCRay,

Any feature that is already available on the Pro plan will be readily available on the Precision Ag Package.


Thank you again!