DroneDeploy Pre-v4.2 Lag/Freeze/Crash (Latest Interface)

The past three attempted flights my app has crashed. Also in 2 of the three the drone lost connection with the controller according to the app. The drone completed the flight or at least continued until the battery got low and returned home. At all three locations I followed up by a manual flight using the DJI GO app and had no connectivity problems flying to the same extents. I am running the most recent version of DD on an Ipad mini 4 with the most current update. Other than the fear of loosing my P4P when it looses connection, when the app reboots I can not reconnect to the drone until everything has been shut down and rebooted. This leads to the app not syncing properly with what portion of the mission has been flown, so it thinks it has flown a much smaller portion and I still need to fly the remainder. When I go back to continue the mission I have no way of knowing exactly where it left off when it RTH with the low battery.
Anyone having repeated connectivity issues?
Do I need to try a different device to fly with?

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Yes both are current updates and the same issue happened on different project areas. The second one was a small flight so it did complete the data collection and I was able to upload to DD and complete the project. The first was a larger area that required multiple batteries so I was not able to complete that mission.


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Any updates for either or these threads? They are starting to get pretty long and scattered. Thanks!

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Yes, we are using DD 4.0.0 but our iPad Air indicates it’s “…software is up to date” at iOS 12.4.3.

And yes, it happened on 5 different maps.


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Gotcha. The Air may not be getting the iOS 13 update… Can you describe the events that happen? Gets laggy and reboots, etc?

During our 5 missions the App started to lag (telemetry) after running only maybe 2-3 minutes or roughly 1500ft. By the time the drone was done flying the mission and returning home/landing,
the app still showed the drone maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of the way STILL in the mission. After landing, we again had to wait around 10 minutes before the app finally indicated the mission was complete. It never rebooted.

It did the same thing during a multi-battery mission and had to manually hit “Home” when RC started to beep indicating low battery. The app at this time was lagging/freezing showed 48% battery.
Upon landing and switching out battery, we had to wait again for about 10 minutes for app to catch up and ask if we wanted to continue mission.


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Did it exhibit this problem right after updating either DD or ios?

I had just recently updated iOS. Not sure the last time DD had updated. I had the same thing happen in January of this year except the drone apparently stopped just after starting image capture and stayed in place until the battery died and it dropped 350 feet. DJI replaces the drone and I had not had another issue until now.


We did not have any crashes during our flights. This seems like a different individuals issues not ours. We had the lagging/freezing issue.


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My DD app does not crash either, just laggy.

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Is this with just the latest version of DD, or it’s been happening awhile? (I haven’t used the app for some months)

If the mission starts out fine and then performance begins to degrade over time, it sounds like they may have introduced a memory leak.

Yep, the latest version and the new flight interface. More telemetry and slicker graphics seem to be taking more memory during usage. I have always used the parabolic antenna on my RC and have never had issue with the video feed, but I now get some choppiness on most flights.

Hi all, Andrew from DroneDeploy here. For those experiencing this issue would love to learn a bit more about your DroneDeploy version, Operating System and Device. Could you please list? Will help us get to the bottom of this! Thank you!

DroneDeploy Version: 4.0.0
iOS: 13.1.3
Device: iPad Mini 4

DroneDeploy Version: 4.0.0
iOS: 13.2.3
Device: iPad Mini 4

DD Version: 4.0.0
iPad 6th Gen 9.7 w/ iOS 11.4
iPad 6th Gen 9.7 w/ iOS 12.1
iPad 7th Gen 10.2 w/ iOS 13.1.1

Wow Michael, good info!
I suspect they can concentrate on DD v 4.0.0

@MichaelL you noticed slowdown uncharacteristic to versions pre DroneDeploy 4.0 across all listed iPads? Same degree of slowdown, or lesser slowdown on newer iPad (e.g. 7th gen)

No, the trouble started happening with 4.0 on all devices. I have a good hunch. The data required to run the new interface might be the culprit.

@Andrew_Fraser if the solution to the (apparent) problem with 4.0.0 is not immediately obvious to engineering, it would be very helpful if DD made the prior stable version available, perhaps through TestFlight on ios, in the interim.