DroneDeploy PC App display problem

After doing some export operations, the display area on the left becomes jammed with a stack up of prior screens. Then the App stops working.
Date: 4 Nov. 2017
Drone: NA
PC: Lenovo 900 Windows 10
The picture below shows the details of this issue.

What browser are you using?

My browser is Microsoft Edge

That may be the problem, try Chrome or firefox.

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It doesn’t work well with Edge.

The multiple problems I was having with the DD App in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Piling up of windows in the left-hand side area causing the App to stop running
  2. The screen jumping around on the map when trying to edit the area for a mission
  3. Slowness in moving around in the 3D view
    all go away when I use Chrome.

DD should tell everyone that the DD App does not run properly in Microsoft Edge even with the latest Windows 10 version as of 6 Nov. 2017 (which is on my PC). I have lost hours of time trying to work around Edge induced problems.

The message should be:


Who would have guessed that the mainstream Edge product from Microsoft is incompatible with DD? In the old days I always used Chrome. So it looks like I should just relive my past and have lots more fun with DD.


Hi @SolarBarn,

We recommend our users to use Chrome or Mozilla on our Web Performance on DroneDeploy.com support page but we’ll work on making this clearer.