Dronedeploy on DJI Phantom 4 Pro plus

Can I load DroneDeploy onto my DJI Phantom 4 Pro+? If so, how?

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Hi @KSImavic, welcome! The integrated screen for the Phantom 4 Pro+ runs on a closed system and will not accept most third-party apps. I would recommend buying a standalone Phantom 4 Pro controller and linking it for use with an Android or iOS tablet. Keep in mind whether you have and original aircraft or a version 2.0 as they have two different transmission systems. Being Lightbridge vs Occusync.

Thanks Michael, I have read a lot of threads on this topic but most stopped in mid 2018 so I was hoping that DJI had resolved this issue since then. I have been mapping with my Mavic pro for a few years now, mostly using DroneDeploy to plan and fly missions and I bought the P4Pro+ specifically because it had an in-built screen, better camera etc. so buying another controller and going back to using my andriod phone is not an option. Surely there is some alternative to flying along taking pictures manually? This product is after all, sold on the premise of being a very capable mappping tool.

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I’ll start by saying I don’t know anything … but I am just wondering if the fancy controller w/ a display also has a usb port and maybe you could still plug in your external device and use the external device to control and fly mapping missions?

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The P4P is indeed the best DJI consumer mapping drone avalable. However, the “+” model is not suited to running 3rd party applications. This is extremely well documented by now. Did you do any research, or just pulled the trigger?
Some guys have had success loading 3rd party apps through Amazon. I don’t know if DD is available that way.

Michael’s suggestion is best if you can’t return the drone for the correct model. But you can try the Amazon method if not.