Dronedeploy not works with Miui8 in Android 6.0.1 if dji go is installed

Dronedeploy not works with Miui8 in Android 6.0.1 if DJI Go is installed,
i not asocied usb to djigo, but dronedeploy not works, not detects my phantom 3 adv
(only works in miui if i use second space, but i think not good solution)

with other soft similar same Altizure detects without problems.

With Litchi i have same problem,
If with Altizure is possible i think with all program possible solve this BIG problem.

Is possible fix this isue?

It’s been impossible to solve this problem for a long time. DJI recently released a new sdk which should allow us to resolve this. We are working on a fix.
You don’t have to uninstall to get it working. You should be able to clear the detaults for DJI go or dronedeploy when switching apps.

Thanks, but if i clean data and cache of DJI GO not works in miui8 with Android 6.0.1.
In other system i dont know.

I need uninstall DJI GO to dronedeploy working. (same for litchi)

I think this is priority to solve, i need DJI GO, i have read this isue in many forums,

Sample video problem

Yeah, I’m sure DJI is working on it. It’s not an issue on other Android phones I guess. It’s definitely not an issue with iOS.

But with app Altizure (similar to dronedeploy ) works ok, dettects drone USB without problem. Not dji go problem in this case.

any news for FIX this critic problem?
in beta version of drone deploy is solved?