DroneDeploy (iOS/Android) App Beta Program

In the past, we have run beta for specific Android and iOS app. Now by signing up with the Flight Planning beta program, you can continue to test beta versions of our Android or iOS app whenever they are available.

If you are not already in our beta program for Android or iOS app, you can read more and fill this form to participate: http://goo.gl/forms/SgWlbUr5vH

Excited to share what we’ve been working on and listen to your valuable feedback!

I signed up for the Beta program (I want to test on the android platform) several days ago but have heard nothing back.
ed swakon

I’m waiting also.
My understanding is that when the new beta is released that is when they will contact us.
I was told 1 to 2 weeks

We just sent out invitations today. Please check your inbox for the email with instructions on how to begin testing. Excited to have you all onboard.


got the invetation, -

I have the Phantom 4 drone, and when trying to execute the flight plan, I get an error message "Drone in incorrect mode. Switch controler to “F” mode, -

The phantom 4 does not have a F mode as the older Phantom 3, it only has P mode, Sport Mode, or A mode…


Hi Marteinn: Thats a known bug that we are busy fixing. Hopefully in a week or so, we may be able to get that out.

On the second screen it says Phantom 5.
Also I have installed Crashlytics, opened it and than opened DD beta. DD does not see my Phantom 4. .
Any suggestions?

Is this the correct place for beta testers to share information?

That’s weird. Can you share us a screenshot to beta@dronedeploy.com. Use same email to share information.

Having the same problems with it wanting me to switch to f mode.

So does that mean no flying with DD until this is addressed??

I can’t get it to work. It shows in the menu that is a phantom 4, but the setup and initialization say things about inspire/phantom 3.

@Mandabar_36 @eswakon We are going to release a new android beta app with new fixes really soon.

Hi all. Is there a dedicated area for posts related to testing the Android Beta apps?

Hi all,
I tested the new app for android p3p (google play) and when I select a plan, tightening the blue button and the plane disappears. I doubt if my firmware is correct. 1.8 bird and 1.6 RC.

Overlap increases dramatically when rotating the flight plan.

Are you using the latest version we released into the store last night/today? It should resolve this issue.

About this last version, how can I know if my p3p is conect to app, in Android?

You should see a message that says “Drone Connected” if it connects. We’re also adding some status messages to let you know if there is any error after it connects.