DroneDeploy iOS 4.5.0

So, following Michael’s not so successful attempt of V4.4.2 last week, is anyone brave enough to try V4.5? Can’t do any harm, right?

Now that I’ve turned auto-updates off, questioning whether or not it’s worth the risk of making it worse.

Unless it ignites the drone when you turn it on I might as well keep going. The actual crashes are what concern me. In 4 years of use I have never had the iOS app completely crash.

It’s kind of a bummer that they don’t even bother to state what problem they’ve addressed with each subsequent update. You don’t know if there are just too many problems to list or it’s addressing things that are truly so minuscule in nature that they are not worth an individual mention.

I would like to think the fixes are major. Or rather, the attempt to fix.

It gets to the point where you plead with them to leave it the f- alone. It works. Leave it. Don’t breathe. Or if you really feel that you must tinker, leave us the stable version to fall back on. I still can’t for the life of me understand why they are so reluctant.