DroneDeploy for Apple TV

Our large construction firm has hundreds of aTV’s in all our conference rooms, mobile project offices, and lobbies (as do many other firms).

It could be really engaging to slideshow our maps/jobs on those screens (this can be done now with airplay but not quite as seamless). Would have the same functionality of the iOS app + a slideshow/showcase mode.


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That’s an interesting idea! Does anybody else use Apple TV for viewing maps?

Although I see where you are coming from… I can imagine Drone Deploy is used for businesses which would more than likely prefer to airplay it over within a browser?

I think in the tech world where Macs are dominant that is a fair point, unfortunately nearly all industrial entities are still enterprise-wide PC : (

(3rd-party airplay apps for Windows do exist, but are far from seamless)

An idea we had would be a “public kiosk” in our lobby where any employee or guest could walk up and view the upwards of 50+ job-sites we’ve mapped, so it could be best to run on aTV so its not device dependent and always “up”

Another idea I had was to airplay a live mission. Set up within airplay distance of the receiver and live broadcast to a tv that your clients, partners and or team can view. This would work with whatever is displayed on your iOS device. I.E. They can stay inside the comfort of the field office while the pilot flies the mission just outside the office door, window etc… You can fly in camera mode while the group watches and requests ( thru ear bud receiver) locations to view. If you use a smart tv or pc monitor they can screen capture views for later discussion.