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What is the point in having NDVI as an option if you need a special camera to get true results? I’m new to all of this is why I ask. Also what about contours, Terrain Contours, Clean ortho and DSM? Are these true results? Why do I not have these options on my drop down list? I only have Ortho, DSM, NDVI Toolbox/Threshold and 3D!

For those that do have NIR cameras the NDVI option is useful for them. Some of those features in the screenshot are experimental and aren’t released to the public yet but yes—they are true results!

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HawkEye … great to see your post. For those of us in agriculture, NDVI is of huge benefit. In fact, some of us don’t even have regular RGB cameras (though those do have great uses in farming too). Seeing your post reminds me that there are so many other opportunities out there.

Drop me a message if you’d like some sample NDVI imagery to show you how that works in ag.


So does the P3 camera show true NDVI?

P3 camera does not show true NDVI as it is as standard RGB (red, green, blue) camera—you would need a purpose-built camera that sees NIR for that and are only available as “modified” cameras from P3 and Inspire 1.

Right now there are some resellers like AerialMediaPros.com selling modified P3 cameras but there isn’t a concensus on the quality of results from those yet.

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