Dronedeploy doen't work with Phantom 4 and newest DJI go app


i’m working with phantom 4 and the newst version DJI go app (apple ipad). I have a problem in the creation of orthophotos. The dronedeploy app does’nt work properly. flight height setup is 50 meters, but the drone flies much higher (over 100 meters). when i go back to the dji go app, the drone is landing at -50 meters. Could you help me please?? vv

This sounds more like an issue with DJI Go that with DroneDeploy. Are you able to confirm proper operation using JUST the DJI Go app? Also, with a Phantom 4 you can (and probably should) use DJI GO 4.

I would make sure all aspects of flight (GPS, compass, IMU calibration, controller signal strength, etc) are working as expected on your equipment and in the flight area with the DJI software before trying to troubleshoot any further with the DroneDeploy app.

Make sure you calibrate the compass with the DJI app and then slide it off the screen before opening the DD app.
Sounds like the compass is confused. Or you might have interference at that site.

Possibly you are doing something wrong.
You don’t use DroneDeploy with DJI Go at all.
You use one or the other but not both together.
If you are trying to run a mapping mission, there is no need to run DJI Go at all.

And what you describe has nothing to do with compass calibration or interference.

Yes there is a reason to run the DJI Go app. If you don’t check in with the app first you will have limits put on your drone. This is a recent change from DJI. So to use DD check in with DJI Go shut that down then start DD you should be fine.