DroneDeploy Conference 2019

Thanks DroneDeploy for hosting a great conference this year. The winter release is going to have a lot of great features added.


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Second that! A great event, good conversations and a ton of exciting releases. Looking forward to continuing conversations on the forum!

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Since you guys had the DD folks face to face, did they have any input on some of the flight app questions that don’t get addressed in the forum over large amounts of time? Or was the conference about the processing / cloud platform only?

The conference is most about power users sharing experience, networking and DroneDeploy releasing new features and exhibiting their design intent. There was a little time to discuss previously requested functionality and gain some understanding of where they are in the process, but it’s hardly a time to try to examine issues.
I will go through the threads from this previous year and compile a list of the top three or five user experience issues to see if they align with what the engineers are already working on. I think one of the issues with some of these problems is that by the time we get close to solving it we have evolved past it.


@MichaelL - If you wind up compiling would be highly interested to see.

Looking forward to launching the new flight design for everyone later this month. We think you’re going to love it.

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wish I could have been there! is there a list of expected new features somewhere I can see?