**DroneDeploy app defaults to San Francisco**

Hi guys, So i just got hired by a company and they use This program.
I see where you say the solution to changing the San Francisco default is to log in, I’ve even watched the tutorial but obviously my eyes are wide shut and i cannot see how to change this. Can anyone of our members please send me a link demonstrating this as i’m a klutz :nerd:
I am using Phantom 4 and Android device with 0.052 - 2.0.11

I would suggest that in the next upgrade when you open the app it will automatically default to your current location utilizing your tablet’s/phone’s GPS :+1:

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Can you possibly make a video of this and send go support@dronedeploy.com
Mention that it is for Chase.

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Mine does this as well on my inspire.

Mine too with a Phantom 4

It’s 1gig, is there another way to upload this? do you have a drop box account i could use?

I uploaded it to you as it’s over a gig so i uploaded it to you tube for you to review then i’ll remove it.https://youtu.be/ySUsTke_QM4

Thanks for this video. Please do not tap the airplane icon on the top bar when trying to fly a real drone. We are moving that to an area that should make it less confusing soon. It is the simulator and will not help you when trying to plan or fly a real drone.

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Is there a link that show an actual start up tutorial?
I also realized this weekend i had to delete the DroneDeploy app in order for the DJI app to work because the camera would not show up and it automatically defaulted to Inspire model instead of the Phantom line. weird right? when i deleted DroneDeploy it worked fine.

Yeah. DJI is working on a solution for Android users to make it more smooth like it is for iOS.

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Until then i’ll just use one at a time, what’s the link for tutorial please?
Thanks in advance.