DroneDeploy Android Bug

Writing to report a bug in the Android version 4.43.

When I setup a project for mapping, I select my Phantom 4 Pro for planning. Yet when I go to fly the mission it uses Mavic 2 Pro, the default. This results in almost twice the number of pictures taken (444 vs 260). This takes more time and it flies at a max of 22 mph vs 27 mph. Uses 2 batteries instead of one. I have been flying DroneDeploy with my Phantom 4 Pro for almost 4 years now and the last few months, this problem has a arisen. I use a Samsung Note20 and have not had a problem until these last few months.

Please advise if you require further information.


Phil Petroska

Dronebase FAA Licensed Pilot

Phil Petroska

North Country Aerials

North Country Property Services, Inc.



Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Have not seen that bug, however have noticed a couple of times recently where a mission that is set to fly at a specific altitude, gets changed to fly higher or lower than planned and expected. Tip, double check your missions altitude to make sure it is what is planned before pressing the green take off button.

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